Great Home Photos Are More Important Now Than Ever Before!

Ten years ago when a friend told you he or she was dating online you may have thought they were desperate or worse. Now many do it without a second thought. I have never personally dated online (I married before it was the in-thing) but have been told that a person's photograph has much to do with whether they are contacted or not. I would also guess that the people using a dating web site service submit a photograph of themselves that is flattering. It would be unlikely that they would snap off a photo using their iPhone just after waking and post it. Unfortunately, it seems that the second circumstance is more the norm when most real estate agents post photos of their customer’s home on the web or Multi-List Service.

Home marketing seems to closely relate to the dating trend. Taking professional photos of the homes I market entices prospects to take the next step. They reach out to preview the home (a date). If the home lives up to the on-line presentation there could be an agreement (engagement). If all goes well there will be a settlement (marriage). It all starts from behind the computer screen. I am simply a match maker.

Bad home photography obviously results in less home showings just as bad people photos would result in less dates. Photographs of a toilet, clothes washer, over exposed window, under lit room or crooked house will not help a home get a "date". It is hard for me to believe this is what home sellers have signed up for when they list their property. Home sellers are often asked to make dramatic changes to their property through staging techniques. What good is it if no one can truly see their hard work because of faulty photography?

As a photographic specialist I blend my artistic ability with technical skill. Architectural photography is one of the most demanding forms of the art. The dark rooms of today do not involve chemicals and red lights. They involve advanced technical skills using programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator to edit and process photos. The cameras and lenses I use to photograph my customers' homes are professional grade and mainly used for architectural (real estate) purposes. I am also skilled in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and interior strobe photography. These are the two most common styles of shooting used by home photographers today. When I go to a customers home to take photos I bring a whole studio of equipment not a point and shoot camera. I even own a bucket truck (cherry picker) so I can get the best exterior shots of the homes.

Once the photos are produced I join them with bits of video to create some of the most dynamic visual presentations on the web today. The photos and videos are then displayed on web sites such as,,, and a host of other sites. To see an example of how this works visit Zillow or Trulia, type in your zip code or town and search some of the homes. You will see me prominently displayed throughout the sites along with the homes I represent.

If you are thinking of listing your home, preview my work below and give me a call. If you are buying a home there are plenty of eligible matches in the photo galleries that need a date. Be aware.....They are all looking to get married.

Thank you,
Jeffrey C. Hogue
Not Your Average Realtor®
Ph: 484-325-0111